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News on innovative aluminium solution from the Sapa Group

Viet Nam has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. I see this each time I visit our plant in Ho Chi Minh City, and I marvel at the speed of change and the high level of energy.

Sapa has built a strong reputation in Vietnam for delivering product quality and service excellence. This should not surprise anyone because it is part of our DNA, and customers like CS Wind, Siemens and TUUCI will accept no less. We take our global competence to local customers and work together on solutions that are providing real value to our customers.

Another topic we address in this issue of Shapes is material substitution. Many customers are choosing aluminium to replace other materials in their product solutions, in buildings and automobiles as well as in  heat exchange and other industrial applications. Sapa’s unmatched research and development resources are helping make substitution easier for you.

When you consider aluminium solutions, I want your first thought to be Sapa.