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Benthanh Group gives altar to Veteran family and Heroic Vietnamese Mother

In the honor of celebrating 69 years of Remembrance Day (27/7/1947 – 27/7/2016), Benthanh Group and member companies: Khahomex, Ben Thanh Tourist, Ben Thanh TSC, Benthanh House and CORESCO coordinated with People’s committee of Cu Chi to organize the ceremony “Giving altar to Veteran family and Heroic Vietnamese Mother in Cu Chi District” on 27/7/2016 at VNU Training Center for Teachers of Political Theory of Cu Chi Province.  The ceremony has the attendance of head of Municipal Party Committee, head of Ho Chi Minh City People’s committee, and commissar of Vietnam Fatherland front at Cu Chi District.

At the ceremony, head of Benthanh Group and member companies gave 50 altars to Heroic Vietnamese Mother in Cu Chi District. Besides, Benthanh Group also has done many meaningful activities to support and take care of two Heroic Vietnamese Mothers annually: Mother Nguyen Thanh Tung and Nguyen Thi Keo, visit Mother Tran Thi Boi, and give presents to Veteran families and families under preferential treatment policy.

Mr. Phan Van Quang, secretary of Communist Party, Chairman of Member Council of Benthanh Group states “In the honor of Communist party, of member council, of board diretors of Benthanh Group and the head of member companies of Benthanh Group, from my heart, I would like to send my appreciation and best wishes to all Heroic Vietnamese Mother and Veterans who contributed greatly to the reunification of Vietnam. I wish all of these activities will help and spread out the traditional culture of sending our thanks to all Veterans”.

With the duty of doing business, Benthanh Group and member companies always care about the social activities and community by meaningful actions with the responsibility of contributing to the development of Vietnam.
The period of 2012-2015, Benthanh Group gave altars to 78 Veteran families in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
Through the ceremony, management board of Benthanh Group would like to share the hurt of loss and comfort Veteran family and heroic Vietnamese mother.